Saturday, December 30, 2023

After Christmas Shopping Steals

In the days and even weeks after Christmas, you can find some amazing deals on Christmas decor and wrapping paper.  I always shop for these items for next Christmas Dec 26 through early January. 

But if you have a keen eye you can also find great deals on wrapping supplies that can be used for Valentines, St. Patrick's day, and Birthdays.

Here are some recent finds at our Target that could serve these other celebrations....all 50% off.     

Lovelies for Valentines...

Birthday Bargains...

Not as much gets wrapped for St. Patrick's Day, but if you do wrap anything for that, there's some green and gold papers above that would work for that too.   I also saw some paper with a purple v-shape design at one target.   And there's lots of tissue paper options (plain red, white...I even got a set with blue, black and white).

If you craft, the tissue paper is useful for that too.    

There was lots of this left.  I'm not getting paid by Target to say this, just sharing from there as it's a place that tends to be in both Texas and California.   Lots of drug stores, like Walgreens and CVS, and of course places like Walmart, have after Christmas sales too.  (The drug store sales tend to be around the longest because people don't think to shop there as much as the larger stores). 

People say you can't save money by spending...but when they are things you would have to buy anyways, it pays to buy them when they are cheaper.  Happy savings!  

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