Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is California

I think I have a better understanding of California since I've left then I ever did when I lived there.  This is California...

1.  A view of mountains through the palm trees.

2.  Shredded beef tacos and churros.

3.  An item with avocado in every restaurant menu.

4.  Graffitti.

5.  Toilet seat covers (seriously...hard to find a bathroom without them in CA.  Not so in TX.). *

6.  Passing through desert, mountains, and oceans in one three hour drive.

7.  Driving "up the hill" and climbing 5,000 feet in elevation (hmm...maybe that's just San Berdo).

8.  Fast paced conversation.

9.  Stucco and red tile roofs.

10.  The stunning beauty of smog induced sunsets.

*I had to add a little extra word about the toilet seat covers.  I remember a time in CA when toilet seat covers were rare...then in the 80s AIDS hit the news and they started showing up everywhere.



  1. I completely "get it". I lived in Southern California for three LONG years. Couldn't wait to get back to Texas and Uncle Sam was finally gracious enough to grant that little wish...great story...

  2. As a Californian to Texas and back to Cali. , I got a chuckle that you mentioned the toilet seat covers. That was SO surprising to me when I first used a Texas restroom. What's up with that?

    I'm in the desert and it will be 119 today, but it IS a dry heat!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
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  3. Wooo! Thanks so much for linking up to my par-tay! I was so excited to see a new face there and I hope you'll join again sometime! That's so interesting about the toilet seat covers?? I would have never known!!

    Thanks again for joining!

  4. I just wanted to let you know I featured one of your This is Californias on my post this week!

    Thanks for participating and also for the good advice you left in the comment section. I gave my readers more of an update on what TIG means this time! Thanks love!