Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Texas Gardening Resources

Useful Texas Gardening Resources

Here's some online resources for gardeing in Texas:

For Finding Planting Times 
General Resources
Regional Resources
Wildcrafting Resources
      Recommended Books

      Month by Month Gardening in Texas: What to Do Each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All YearMonth-to-Month Gardening in Texas is an excellent book for anyone new to Texas.  It helps you learn what to plant when, when to fertilize (and what fertilizers work best in Texas), and much, much more.  If you didn't know that there were veggies you can plant in the middle of winter, or that there was such a thing as cool season and warm season annuals, or are finding that the things you did to help your garden thrive somewhere else aren't working here, then this is the book for you!  This is my MOST RECCOMMENDED gardening book for newcomers to Texas!  See my full review here.

      I'd reccomend anything by Howard Garret, but especially his books on organic gardening, such as Texas Organic Gardening.  I read several of his books the summer I worked at The Herb Market in Carrollton, and they were all excellent.

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      1. great resources! Thank you, I'll be sharing this with my mom!