Thursday, December 04, 2014

Charity Auction to Fight Human Trafficking (Modern Slavery)

I've done some research on Love146, and it is a wonderful organization.  You may notice there's some Texas item from Texas in the mix too, like this pillowcase embroidered with Nacogdoches, TX...

and this t-shirt...

I hope everyone will visit this auction and consider buying a gift for Christmas that will help fight human trafficking (modern slavery). If you are looking for another way to help fight slavery, please consider participating in the Hearts Should Be Free event next month at my other blog.  Bidding starts at 7 PM December 4th.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Welcome to This is Wherever Wednesday!   At Wherever Wednesday we share those little moments that show the character of the places we live:  those "This is California, this is Cambridge, Costa Rica moments."  Wherever you are, or wherever you've can share your posts about those places here.

This month is the TWO YEAR anniversary of Wherever Wednesday being at Texifornia!  So, if you have been "traveling" with us for a while, I invite you to share  one of your favorite OLD Wherever Wednesday posts so we can take a look back (and maybe a new post too!).  (And so sorry folks that this post was a little late...if you've been traveling for a while with us you know that happens sometimes)

As always, I want to share a few posts from last week, in case you missed them...and there were so many good ones.  

I promised to share some of my favorite posts from old Wherever Wednesday's too..  So hard to choose,    If you haven't seen them before, I hope you'll check out at least one of these wonderful posts.  

One of the first "Wherever Wednesday" posts I read, back on Budget Blond, who started this whole things.  It was short and sweet and nearly all text, but the cultural snippets were so fascinating I was hooked immediately.

Another "This is Grenada" story that had me laughing so hard I was crying.

One of the first posts after TIWW moved
to Texifornia, and exactly what TIWW is about.

Real lighthouses and Lawn Lighthouses...just the sort of 
regional quirk that I love hearing about.

This was the most moving, most worldview changing post that ever graced This is Wherever Wednesday.  

I just had to share one of Babushka's wonderful, humor filled posts.  Hard to pick which one,
but I settled on this one about her home town, which gets better and better the further down you get.

The combination of her beautiful photos and exquisite wording made me feel like I was there,
feet sinking in the muddy water, hand on the paddle.  

If you're new to Wherever Wednesday and are wondering what's this all about...every month we share those little moments that really show the character of the places we live:  your "this is North Dakota, Denmark, Delaware, Dubai"  WHEREVER" moments.     If you're still a little uncertain what that means, this post over at Budget Blond will help you out.  And, though it's not required, I'd love if you would grab the This is Wherever button on the sidebar and share it in your post or somewhere else on your blog!  

Friday, November 07, 2014

Where is Wherever Wednesday?

Yep, on the 2 year anniversary of This is Wherever Wednesday...I forgot to post it.  So sorry.  I have decided to postpone this this month to the 2nd Wednesday.  (November 12)

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Texas Elections: Last Minute Research

There's still time to research your vote Texans!  I'd like to share some resources with you.  Sorry that this is a no frills list.  Still doing research myself and will add to this list as I get more resources.  On debates and articles, if I know of a fact check on any of the issues, I will include it underneath that link.

If you're in that spot where you haven't done any research, you still have time, even on the last day, to research one race.  Don't feel bad if you don't vote in all the races.  If you make an informed vote in ONE race you've done something good.

List of All Candidates
Get a Sample Ballot at Vote 411
(There's a form on the side where you can enter your info
 and get a listing of all the elected offices that will be on your local ballot) 


Govenor Debate
-FACT CHECK on accusation that Abbot ruled that "Payday Lenders" (who supported his campaign) could charge unlimited fees (Rated True by Politifact)
-Note:  I have not finished watching this debate, so have not completed listing fact checks for it either.

Lt. Govenor Debate
-FACT CHECK on accusation of Patrick voting against testing Rape kits (Rated "Pants on Fire" or Completely False by Politifact)
-FACT CHECK on accusation that Van de Putte voted to give illegal immigrants "totally free healthcare"  (Rated False by Politifact)
-FACT CHECK on accusation that Patrick said women not getting equal pay is "not a problem" (Rated Half True by Politifact)
-FACT Check on Van de Putte's statement that the company that evaluates student exams ""goes on Craigslist to get examiners to read our students’ essays." (RATED Mostly False)
-FACT CHECK on whether Patrick "put back" education spending he had taken away during downturn  (This is a check on something he said outside the debates, but he said something similar here as well, so I'm including it).

Comptroller Debates 

Railroad Commissioner Forum 
(Railroad Commissioner has nothing to do with railroads anymore, but regulates oil, gas and other natural resources in TX)  Sadly the Republican candidate did not show for this.

Texas Agricultural Commissioner Forum  
Sadly only the Libertarian candidate showed for this.

Attorney General (Sort of...see note below)
I could not find a debate between the Attorney General's candidate...but I was interested enough that I went back and looked at the Primary debate including the Republican Paxton, and have outlined in the link above where you can find his responses in the video.  You can also find the Libertarian Primary debate here.  I could not locate any Democratic primary debates.

Fact Check Sites
These fact check sites below, especially the first one, have checks on these and more candidates,
including things they have said in speeches and political ads.  

Voters Guides

Has candidate answers to various questions, and also good explanations of
the duties/requirements of each of the offices.  Also has information on the Texas Constitutional
Amendments up for a vote this year.

This has links to several voter guides, many of which could be used by 
non-Christian voters as well to see how candidates stand on various issues.
Some of the linked guides portray objective information like voting records, 
while others use more subjective measurements.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Attorney General

I looked for dates between the Attorney General candidates and could find none, however, I did find some debates in the primary and thought what they said in those debates might be telling.  Actually, didn't find any debates including the Democrat (Sam Houstan), but did find one with Paxton. I only watched one part of it (it was four parts...Part 1 was all introduction, and Paxton came in half way into Part 2.  Below you can see what time on the video you can see his answers...

11.49 - Question: How have you reduced the size and scope of State Government.

Paxton's answer followes immediately.

14:35 Question: (Paraphrased)  If you were Attorney General today, describe what you would be doing about an investigation into 1: UT Law School Foundation payola to UT Law Professors 2) UT preference shown to unqualified students of politicans and donors.

17:17 Paxton's Answer

20:50 Question: (paraphrased) The court has ruled that property Owners do not have a Constitutionally Protected Vest Right in Property Uses.  What is your view of this rulign?

23:24 Paxton's Answer

27:30  Question: (paraphrased) Define the terrm "Activist Attorney".  Would you be one?

Paxton's answer followes immediately.

34:09 Question: (paraphrased) Define Cancer Research Institute Secret Scandal and how it could have been avoided.

26:45 Paxton's Answer

40:49 Question: (paraphrased) If elected Attorney General would you then "trade up" for higher offic?  What is your position on the Emerging Tech Fund, the Texas Enterprize Fun and the Special Events Fund aka Forumula 1 Racing.

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Heart's Home

Someone did some beautiful time-lapse videos in the mountains where I grew up...I've stood in many of the places where these were shot.  I'd like to share this with you...

Mountain Skies Time-Lapse from Jason Bates on Vimeo

Click here to view larger
(Larger is way better)