Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Years Eve (And All Year Round) Gun Safety Tips

These are compliments of my dad, who owned a plethora of guns and gave me a healthy fear of them.

  1. Lots of people like to shoot guns in the air on New Years Eve.  BAD IDEA.  Those bullets come down somewhere, and are just as deadly going down as going up.   DON'T SHOOT A GUN UP IN THE AIR, EVER.  Plus, if you plan to be drinking on New Years Eve, it's probably not the best time to take those guns out anyways.
  2. People have been killed with guns loaded with blanks, rubber bullets, or even with unloaded guns (the blast itself can kill if it's close enough).  Never aim a gun at anyone you don't intend to kill.
  3. Keep your guns where your kids can't get them.  This ones not so much from my dad, as from my own experience raising three boys.   We don't have guns in the house, but they have gotten into enough other dangerous things we've warned them about.  Even if you've taught your kids well about the dangers of guns and are SURE your kids would never touch them, you don't know that their friends will be as wise.  That's what caused a tragedy in the apartments where we used to live.  A little boy was shot and killed by his friend with his father's gun.  The boy may have known not to touch the gun, but it didn't matter, because his friend didn't.  

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Friday, October 09, 2015

This Is Wherever Wednesday Taking a Haitus

I am afraid This is Wherever Wednesday is taking a hiatus. I have just been to busy with homeschool, my home business, and other things to keep up with this, even though it's only once a month (sad, I know). I may re-start it again if you would like me to contact you if it starts up again you can e-mail me at with the subject "TIWW" and I will e-mail you if it's back running again.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Texifornia Quote of the Day

Around October you will become very tired of summer and wish it would go away.  Then one morning you will awaken and it will be 40 [degrees] outside.  All the leaves will have departed the trees overnight and will be sitting in the yard, demanding to be raked. 
~ Helen Bryant, from Fixin' to Be Texan

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Texas Giveaways

Found some local giveaways you might be interested in.

(8/12) On the Go Freezer Kit and Grocery Boquet Workshop - Fort Worth, TX
(8/13) Waco/Temple Area Coupons - Waco/Temple, TX
(8/20) Cirque de Solei Tickets - Austin, TX
(8/21) Hop n' Happy Birthday Package - Austin, TX
(8/24) Lego Kids Fest Tickets - Austin, TX

Know of others?   Share them in the comments and I'll add them too (family friendly only).   California giveaways welcomed too!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

This is Wherever Wednesday (#32)

Welcome to This is Wherever Wednesday...where we share those little moments that show the character of the places we live and love: those "This  Georgia, Gloucester, Germany" moments. Wherever you are, or wherever you've been...we want to hear about those places here!

I always like to share a few highlights from last month, some posts to check out if you missed them...
  • At Kate Takes 5:  a visit to Portsmouth, England...and some very old warships from the age of sail!
  • At Jenn's RAQ:  A pirate beach at LegoLand, Texas.
  • At Olive, Feta, and Ouzo:  A beautiful trip to Symi, Greece.
Ready to link up your posts?   You can share them below.    If you're still a little unclear on what this is all about, this post over at Budget Blond (where Wherever Wednesday originated) will help you out.    And, though it's not required, I'd also love if you would grab the This is Wherever button on the sidebar and share it in your post or somewhere else on your blog.


Monday, August 03, 2015

Sale at the Texifornia Souvenir Shop

Through August 6th use coupon code STUDYINSTYLE for up to 50% OFF the following items with my photos and designs...