Saturday, January 31, 2009

Texas and California Comics

Wish I could post it directly here...but I found this
Political Cartoon on Crawford, TX pretty funny. Living right around the corner from Crawford...I can understand this one. I heard the press HATED having to come out here to report of George W. every time he came home to "the ranch." (Not that I blame them, especially when the summertime heat hits over 100). Hmmm...I wonder if the thought reporting from Hawaii or Arizona crossed any reporter's mind when they were covering the recent election.

Anyways, here are some more Texas and California political cartoons from Cagle. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Giveaway Is For the Birds

We have a winner! Congrats Jennifer57!
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It's Bloggy Giveaway Carnival time again...where hundreds of bloggers give stuff away on their blogs, and much fun ensues.

This time I'm giving away something fun I stumbled on a while ago at CafePress. The shopkeeper who made these only offered them in sets of ten (as noted in the picture below--you can click on the picture to visit her site)...but I wanted one so bad I bought a set figuring I could always sell or give the rest away). If you've ever visited a Texas Mall during grackle season, where these little birds flock in hugh swarms, you'll see the humor in this:

For a chance to win ONE of these buttons, just leave a comment (and make sure to leave your e-mail address--if I can't reach you I can't get the button to you). US entries only please (for shipping reasons).

You can also get extra entries for each of the following. Leave a separate comment for each please or your extra entries won't count.

1. Link to on your webpage or blog, blogroll or lensroll then come back here and share the URL where you did this in a comment.. If you like to link with buttons you can find some here

2. Link to or blog about any of my other sites listed here.

3. I've been working on set of Squidoo Local CA and TX CafePress t-shrit lenses to benefit charity. These would be a lot like my general Texas T-shirt Lens and California T-shirt Lens. Since, of course, I'm not familiar with every place in Texas and California I could use your help. For an extra entry first go to CafePress and search their marketplace for your favorite CA or TX city or town. Then pick your favorite design or designs that come up, and share the link to them in a comment here. You can do this for several cities if you want and leave a separate link for each one for more entries. No more than 5 though please, thanks. (WARNING: CafePress is a marketplace with user generated content and there are quite a few items that are not kid friendly there. While I don't feature any of those on my sites, doing a search like I just mentioned could bring up a few, so be forewarned.)

You can enter through Jan 31. If you know of any other bloggy giveaways going on with a California or Texas appeal, please let me know and I will put a link to them on this blog (family friendly only). Thanks!


Don't you love Chick File? It was one of my great Texas dining discoveries. I love the food, their fun advertising, and how they support the community. I love the fun educational kids toys that come with their meals (unlike other places where I've avoided buying a kids meal so I wouldn't have to take home another piece of junk to clutter my kids room). Mostly I love how they let you come in and order a lemonade on a hot day while you watch your kids play in their clean well-kept playground.

And I just learned that they are now in California too! Rock on!

Monday, January 26, 2009

They're Selling Texas Weeds Again

Out when I was in California I worked in a flower shop. Another lady who worked there was though it was funny that we were selling Mexican Evening Primrose. "That's a weed in Texas," she said.

"Awfully pretty for a weed!" I thought (and I hadn't even seen these beauties swaying in pink waves by roadside yet...I'd categorize them more as a wildflower.)

Well, just today I stumbled upon the Amazing Tickle Me Plant!. It responds to touch, moves throughout the day, and has cool pink fuzzy flowers. (See movie below showing it move throughout the day...they had a movie of it responding to touch, but it wasn't embeddable (and it had an annoying sound-track).

...and for only $4.95 you can have a packet of 10-20 seeds so you can grow them yourself!

Or just visit Texas and grab some off the road-side, cause they're weeds here. Very cool weeds, I might add. A friend of ours first introduced us to them when we were walking up near the Wycliff Linguistics center in Duncanville. They have them here in Waco, too. There's a bunch growing in the lawn of the Mayborn Children's Museum (in spite of being frequently mowed). My kids love to play with them every time we go. how do I collect those seeds?