Saturday, March 27, 2010

$20 HEB Gift Card Giveaway

Hi! If you're in an area that has an HEB, you might want to enter the giveaway for a $20 HEB Gift Card over at Welcome to My Kitchen (a blog of a fellow Waco mom I met online recently). It's really simple to enter...just leave a comment. And while your there you might want to browse her site to see all the delicious recipes she has!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Souvenir Saturday - The Force is Strong With Ya'll

The week before last we put on a Star Wars party for my son, so when I stumbled on the following T-shirt, well I had my Souvenir Saturday theme.

(On the back it says "May the Force Be With Ya'll")

OK, there's not a hugh amount ofTexas/California related Star Wars Souvenirs out there, but I did one for California too. Love this:

You can find these stickers (and shirt and more with this design) at CafePress.

(Yeah, I know it's not Saturday yet...but this was actually written before last Saturday. And to keep it from being forgotten again I'm posting it "early"...or late, however you want to look at it.)

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Star Wars Party

While I've gotten some wreck-worthy cakes for my kids parties before, I'm having a good track record on the ones I make myself. See below:

When my son decided he wanted a Star Wars Party, I thought of these TIE fighter cupcakes I had seen online. Only, I didn't want to make 10 or 20 of those! That's just a whole lot of work, even for something so cool. So, I decided I'd just add one to a regular cake. Came out pretty cool...I have to admit! The birthday boy was happy with it even though he really wanted a Yoda Cake (Which would have been wreck-worthy for sure, at least if I had made it! That's just a little beyond my cake-making skills.)

It was a fun party. The kids got to "use the force" to navigate an obstacle coarse blindfolded, make robot droids out of misc. stuff we painted gold and silver, and defeat a Death Star Pinata (which was really a Disco Ball Pinata, but honestly I thought it looked more like a Death Star than it did a Disco Ball). For party favors we gave out printed paper masks which we found on the Star Wars Site and light saber bubble wands (which Wal-mart was selling for a dollar each for Easter). We didn't dress up during the whole party as originally planned. The guests had started to arrive before I could dress the kids, and the one family that brought costumes didn't come wearing them--but brought them with them--so we just dressed up after most of the party was done, which worked out better since it was a warm day and some of the costumes would have made the kids sweaty.

Here's the birthday boy in his Clone Trooper costume. He's grown so fast. Time flies.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Smart Cents Mom - A Review

A while back I did a giveaway for some free advertising, including a banner or text link on one of my sites and a write-up on my three blogs. The winner was not choosen randomly, but selected based on the quality of their site and how well that site "fit" with the website of mine which they wanted to get an ad on. The winner wasSmart Cents Mom, an excellent blog which helps moms (and anyone really) save money. The blog was easy to navigate and pleasing on the eyes, and I agreed with her that it would be useful to my Survey Review readers, as paid surveys tend to attract people who need ways to earn, or save, a little money.

On Smart Cents Mom you can find coupons, freebies, giveaways, reviews, and money saving budget tips, including do-it-yourself money savers, and make-at-home recipes. For example, did you know that restaurants often send coupons and freebies to customers who fill out their comment cards? You don't have to make a complaint--you can fill one out a card to compliment the service or comment on the wonderful taste of your meal, and if you include your address you will often find a free coupon in your mailbox soon afterwards. That's just one of the money saving tips I found on Smart Cents Mom. I hope you all will stop by for a visit--it really is worth your while!

NOTE: If you are interested in advertising on any of my sites, I am still selling ads for as little as $1 for two years (yes, that's right--TWO YEARS!). AND, 100% of the money I earn from these ads will be donated to MercyCorps, an organization helping victims of the earthquakes in Haiti and Chili, and helping people affected by poverty, disaster, and oppression around the world. You can see the ad spaces available and the various prices here.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Free California Lego Land Tickets

The blogger of Little Ya Ya's and Blessed is offering a free ticket to Lego Land in California. It's first come first serve and no one has snagged it yet! Would snag it myself if I was still in Cali.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Charged With the Purchase of Cake-Wreckage

OK...first, check out the third cake down on this Cake Wrecks Post (the cup-cake cake) and come back.

OK, have you done it?

Yeah, pretty bad huh.
Who would buy something like that?



YEP...that's the same cake (pretty much).
And yes, I bought it for my child's first birthday party (4 years ago).
And yes, it pretty much looked like that in the
picture when I picked it out (except the eyes).
And yes, I bought it anyways.
What was I thinking?!

Well...I was thinking I wanted a frog themed party,
and that I also wanted a cup-cake cake because for a
first birthday a single cup-cake is so cute for pictures.

See, he's adorable!

OK...but the frog is pretty ugly. Guilty as charged.

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