Saturday, February 28, 2015

SALE at the Texifornia Souvenir Shop!

Use coupon code TEEBUTTONFUN for 50% off buttons, 25% off t-shirts and 15% off NEARLY everythings else at the Texifornia Souvenir Shop!

Expires 3/7.  Does not include fabric, Brikk iPhones or postage stamps. Can not be combined with other offers or discounts. Only good at US shops.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Freezing Rain...

...can be beautiful.

These were all crops from one large picture of frosted dead weeds.
"Frosted dead weeds" doesn't sound very pretty, but I could explore this one
photo for hours.  It makes me want to be an ant-sized and invincible
so I could climb around in that icy wonderland and explore.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Texifornia Giveaway Round-up (Local TX and CA Giveaways)

Local Texas Giveaways

Sesame Street Live Tickets (2/19) Dallas, TX

Lubbock Family Vacation Package (3/4)  Lubbock, TX

Young Metalsmiths Spring Break Camp  (3/11)  Austin, TX

Local California Giveaways

Rain:  Beatles Experience Tickets (3/4) Riverside, CA

Orchard Supply $25 GC (3/27) California and Oregon, Various Locations

If you know of any others, leave me a note in the comments and I'll add them!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Texas Giveaways - $15 to Just Between Friends

Stumbled on TWO giveaways for Just Between Friends in Fort Worth.  All of them have less than 100 entries.   If you've never been to JBF, it's like a huge garage sale with just really nice (ie no stains or broken things) kids and baby stuff.  If I lived closer I'd enter these myself.

(2/17) $15 for Just Between Friends - Mind of Meesh

(2/17) $25 for Just Between Friends - Big Hair and Books

This is Wherever Wednesday (#26)

Welcome to This is Wherever Wednesday...supposedly posted every 1st Wednesday of the month, but really posted, WHENEVER (think I should change the name to Whenever Wednesday?).  Really, I'm sorry its late AGAIN.  But I do have a rather good excuse.  I have been busy, busy busy at my other blog hosting a giveaway event to raise awareness of modern slavery.  There are still three giveaways up so I hope you'll stop over and visit Hearts Should Be Free, enter a giveaway, and learn about what slavery is, today.     

But back to Wherever Wednesday.   Here is where we share those little moments that show the character of the places we live:  those "This is Texas, this is Tahiti, Topeka, this is Tanzania moments."  Wherever you are, or wherever you've been...we want to hear about those places here.

Some highlights from last week....

  • There was a fascinating post on Campfires and Cleats about Mark Twain and Hannibal Missouri!  (I especially enjoyed this as a homeschooling mom).
  • From Maple Brown Sugar came a wistful story about a beachhouse on the Jersey Shore that touched my heart.
  • And there was some very Texan Christmas decorations shared by Waco Mom.

Ready to link up your posts?  While any post about place is welcomed, we especially enjoy hearing your  "This is (Insert your city./country/region here) moments?  Not sure what that means?  It's anything that happens or that you see in your part of the world that makes you think "Only here!"    If you're still a little unclear, this post over at Budget Blond (where Wherever Wednesday originated) will help you out.  And, though it's not required, I'd love if you would grab the This is Wherever button on the sidebar and share it in your post or somewhere else on your blog!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

It's coming...

It's coming!  I haven't forgotten it, really I haven't.  It's just a little late.  Thanks for your patience.  It will be up soon.