Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Backyard Wildflowers

You can't tell it from this picture, but I HAVE mowed my lawn.  I just left some patches of wildflowers...mainly horsemint and I think a type of bluet, and of corse my tall tufted grass.  The grass is wonderful...I love how it dances in the wind. Pictures just don't convey i show that.

I'm not sure what this type of grass is called, but my experience is that it's perennial and not invasive. Sure, it will self-seed, and it is hard to pull out once it grows. But with all those seed heads blowing around you'ld think it would be all over the place. Not so! I've only had a few other clumps sprout up, and this is the third year I've had it. Plus it's very hardy. Not only can it take the Texas head, but it can handle my kiddos. My kids hide in it, run through it, and occasionally whack at it with toy swords. It may look a little haggard right after they've been pummelling it, but the next day it will look beautiful again. And it stays that way straight on til fall.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wildcrafting Round-up - Dandelions

This month the dandelions are blooming, and I wanted to share some cool dandelion tid-bits I found online. First, some poetry. The poem above is on a poster at Billy Lei Photography (go there to zoom in on it if you can't read the text above). I also stumbled on another pretty poem about dandelions, as well as some interesting history, at Natural Mother's Network,  and Squirrel Queen introduced me to my new favorite gardening quote...

Roses are red,

Violets are blue;

But they don't get around

Like the dandelions do.

~Slim Acres

I love having dandelions in my yard, which are both edible and medicinal!   The leaves taste good in a salad if you get to them before the flowers grow.  I personally think the leaves peppery taste makes a good compliment for tacos.  The flowers can be eaten too, and look pretty as a garnish.   I also like the taste of boiled dandelion buds with butter and salt (similar to asparagus, but I think dandelion tastes better!).

Here's some other recipes I'm looking forward to trying...