Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Local Texas and California Giveaways


(5/22) Les Miserables Tickets - Riverside, CA


(5/7)  Touch a Truck Event Tickets - Austin, TX
(5/10) Medican Spa Package - Weatherford, TX
(5/11)  Ashes, Ashes - Theater Tickets - Austin, TX

This is Wherever Wednesday (#29)

Welcome to This is Wherever Wednesday...where we share those little moments that show the character of the places we live and love: those "This South Dakota, Dallas, Des Moins, and Denmark" moments. Wherever you are, or wherever you've been...we want to hear about those places here!

I always like to share a few highlights from last month. Almost all the posts were Texan (not that I mind that *grin*).  Here's a few of the highlights...
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Monday, May 04, 2015

Latest Visitors

Guess who showed up on my front porch a few days back....

They were being so still I almost missed them.  In fact, my son and I walked right past them, played a game of tag, and didn't see them until we were headed back into the house.

They look like dove fledglings ..they didn't fly away even when my son got really near (no, I didn't let him touch them).  After we went inside they hid in a patch of unmowed grass right next to the porch.  It looked like they might have been there earlier looked well "nestled" into.  My son was supposed to mow there yesterday, but he had bailed because he saw a wasp.  So glad he didn't!  We're going to have to be very careful when we mow now to check for wildlife first.

So, for all you lazy mowers out there like me, just know that one of the benefits of letting your lawn go is...