Monday, June 25, 2012

Texas Gardening Tips for Late June, Early July

  •  The first week of July is the last chance to plant okra, luffa, peanuts, and, in south Texas, sweet potato slips--which are heat lovers and won't have time to mature if planted later.

  • Transplants of Tomatoes and Peppers should be planted no later than July 4th.

  • If you want pumpkins by Halloween you should plant them by early July!

  • There are many other herbs and vegetables you can plant this month!  Find out what you can plant in your area HERE.
(I found these tips in the book Month to Month Gardening in Texas).

    Tuesday, June 05, 2012

    Free Stuff For Kids to Do This Summer

    Summer time 

    Looking for free stuff for you kids to do this summer (other than park, beach, and spinklers)?  Here's some ideas:

    • See if any bowling allies in your community are taking part in the Kids Bowl Free program.
    • Check your local library for free summer programs.
    • Sometimes museums offer "free admission days."  See if any of museums in your area are doing this.  
    • Check local churches to see if they are offering Vacation Bible School.  These are usually free.
    Photo by Static.  Used under creative commons.

    Friday, June 01, 2012

    Start Your Pumpkins Soon...Seriously!

    If you want to plant pumpkins for Halloween, you need to start early! Pumpkins take three to four months to mature, so you want to plant from June to early July, depending on the variety you're planting and how big you want your pumpkin (the longer they grow, the bigger they get!).  Learn more about planting pumpkins here.

    Seeking Texifornian Bloggers!

    Hi! I'm seeking Texifornians (Californians from Texas and Texans from California) to interview and swop promotion with.   I'll ask about your blog, about your experience living in Texas and California, and I'm happy to customize my questions so the interview can cover other topics you'ld like covered.

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    I would like you to mention my blog and the interview in a post.  It would also be nice if you would put up a text link or graphical link either to the the Texifornian main blog or to the interview in your sidebar.  I have a great "Texifornian" graphic you can use if you want.

    If you're a Texifornian, and don't have a blog, and want to be interviewed...that's cool.  If I'm not linking out, your offering me someone to interview is all I need!  If you have a shop or other website you want to promote in the interview, but can't offer me a link back, we can work something else out:  You could share about the interview on twitter or facebook.  Or maybe you could write "" in shaving cream on the back of your car for a day, or write it in sand on the beach and send in a picture!  (The crazier the idea, the better!)  *grin*

    But want to advertise here?  Contact me and we can work something else out. 

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