Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Giveaway!

Wow, this blog is neglected. It's Bloggy Giveaway Carnival time again, and I haven't made any posts since the LAST Bloggy Giveaway! Ah well.

This time I am giving away a Texas themed Rhinestone T-shirt, pictured below.

Ok, this is not a new shirt. It has been washed once, and a couple of the rhinestones came loose (so it should probably be hand washed, which is why it's going to go to someone who has more time to do that than I do!). You can't really tell the rhinestones are missing unless you are looking for it. The shirt is a size large. I am also throwing in a package of bluebonnet seeds.

To enter just make a comment below and include your e-mail so I can contact you.

If you would like extra entries, do any of the following (and please come back and make a separate post for each of the following you do letting me know you did it):

1). Put a link to on your website or blog, or in your signature on a forum (one that I can access without becoming a member) and leave the URL of the site you posted the link on here (if a forum post, please put the URL to the specific post, thanks). If you'ld like some graphics to use you can find some here or lensroll this blog. If you already have a link up, that counts too!

2). Share a link to any bloggy giveaways you know of that relates to Texas or California (and I will post a link for others to find).

3). Share your favorite Texas or California joke (and if I like it I'll post it on Texifornia).

Thanks a bunch. This giveaway will end Nov 3 (cause my son's birthday party is November 2nd and I won't have time to mail anything til then! *grin*). If I don't hear back from the winner within a week, I will give the shirt to another entrant.

PS: While I'm at it, I'd like to tell you about another giveaway which has nothing to do with Texas or California--but a lot to do with me. One of the reason's I'm so busy is that I run a small business selling T-shirts and other goodies I design. I am sponsoring a giveaway over Happy Healthy Families where you can win one of my T-shirts! Hope you all will check it out.