Friday, August 31, 2012

This is Wheverver Giveaways

To encourage participation in This is Wherever Wednesday, I'm going to be giving away some Texas souvenirs to anyone who links up next month, and I'd like to see if I can get some other blogs to offer giveaways from their town too!  I'll be listing these giveaways on TIWW to send some traffic to your blogs!


  • Your giveaway can be any "souvenir" item from your city, state, or country.  Here's some ideas of things you could give:  A postcard, wildflower seeds, a pressed leaf or flower from your area, an item with the name of your city or state, a digital photograph from your area to use as a desk-top background, a book set in your state or city, a CD of music from a local artist, a craft item with the state flag or state flower, an item your area is famous for,  etc.  You notice, this doesn't have to cost much!
  • Feel free to talk about where you live in your post, and link to any posts you have about your hometown. 
  • To enter the giveaway, people must be required to link up a blog post on the "This is Wherever" linky OR to read a post listed on and leave a comment on it (or both if you like). 
  • You may offer whatever extra entries you want, but one of them must be: "Enter one of the other souvenir giveaways listed on This is Wherever Wednesday for an extra entry."  This helps us to promote each other. 
  • There should be a link-back to This is Wheverever Wednesday ( somewhere in the blog post.
  • Giveaways should go live sometime between November 7th and November 15th, and should end before December 6th. Please don't start them earlier than that since people won't be able to link up to enter before then. 

If you want to participate, please e-mail the following info to  Please title your e-mail SOUVENIR GIVEAWAY so I can spot it easily.

Your Blog Name:
Your Blog URL:
Item You Plan to Give Away:
Date Your Giveaway Will End:
(I'll get your giveaway URL after the 7th). 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Song is This?

Hi!  Welcome to Two Questions Thursday and Aloha Friday!  Just for fun, want to see if you can guess which song is illustrated below? It's a song from the 80's  (one of my faves now, though don't know if I had even heard the song then). The items below are things mentioned in the lyrics (or pretty some of the items mentioned are up for debate). Leave your guess in the comments.  I'll post the answer later.

'What 80's Song is This?' 

Gorgeous Vintage 70s Gi...

Detachable Faux Leather...

Fine Art Photo Print--P...

Vtg. Dinky 1960s Lincol...

Pretty in Pink Adorable...

Orange Knit Leggings O...

Vintage Beau Brummel Do...

2-way loudspeaker - The...

women's Giddy Up sn...

Lot of 5 Digital images...

Socking it -- (Gil Elvg...

Billy Joel gold record ...

Did you guess? Yes? No? 
Well, my second question is easier. What's your favorite 80s song?


Someone guessed the picture riddle, so I'm revealing the answer. .


If you open it in another tab you can look at the pics above while it plays and see if you can spot everything.   Or read the blow by blow below.


tie too wide
old tab collars (eh, it was close enough)*
white wall tires
blue continental (lincoln continental)
pink sidewinders**
bright orange pair of pants
Beau Brummel***
sneakers (and cheep for etsy at least)
A+ student (I used grads)
looks and a whole lotta money (she has dollar bills in her pantyhose)
Rock and roll (the Billy Joel record) 
(and yep, I had to look these up)
*Tab collars are faux collars you can add to a shirt.  I thought that was "old time collars" til I read the lyrics.
*Sidewinders is said to refer to either slip on sandals or a way of tying your laces, according to this. I went with the sandals cause I was using sneakers later.

**Beau Brummel is the guy who invented the tie. I always though it was "bold runner" til I looked up the lyrics for this! Ha!

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Its Hump Day! 
(Cause I totally have a Billy Joel station on Pandora)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Texifornia Round-up

Ah, it's been a nice summer.  Really, compared to last year this summer has been a dream.  We got some rain this week that sent temps to the 80s where I am.  This year, I guess we sent our heat up north.  But still, overall August has been hot like...well, August in Texas.   So I thought you all might enjoy an hilarious post I found last summer at Signature Gardens where she changes the lyrics to "The Beat Goes On" to match the Texas Heat.

 AS GOES CALIFORNIA... goes the nation.  At least as far as laws tend to go.  Right now the law they're considering would require companies to clearly label genetically engineered ingredients on food labels.  I'm all for that!

I've been attempting to teach my kids Spanish, so this article "We Don't Speak Tex-Mex Here" by SpanglishBaby caught my attention. 

That's all for this round-up.  Have you got an article you think would be interesting to Texifornians?  Let me know in a comment, and it might end up in the next round-up.