Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally got back to California!

Hard to believe but it has been almost 10 years since I last stepped foot on California soil. We have tried to save up for a trip before, but something always came up. Well, we finally broke down and did it--with the new baby on the way we figured it wouldn't get any cheaper or easier to go later, so we better do it while we can.

So, we packed up the kids and headed out for their first plane flight (they loved it!). Landed in Ontario, where the car rental guy gave us directions on how to get "up the hill" (my dad still lives in our family home in Twin Peaks). Ah, in Texas they call hills mountains, but in California, we get to go "up the hill" 6,000 feet and look out above the clouds.

Actually, at first we didn't get to see much though because those clouds were wrapped round the mountains like a scarf--snug and thick. My husband, who had grown up in San Diego, got his first taste of real mountain fog--the kind that makes you hang you head out the window to find the double yellow line on the road.

And, my kids got their first taste of REAL snow. The second day we were there we got a nice dusting of the white stuff...but there was already several feet from storms earlier that week (if we had timed it a little sooner we might not have been able to get up the mountain at all!).

The weather was perfect...we got snow in the mountain, but the sun came out just in time for our side-trip to San Diego. The kids got to visit tide-pools, touch a sea anemone, splash in the ocean, make a sand castle, chase seagulls--all the good stuff! They will never see a picture of the ocean and call it a river again!

Oh, and the food--we both got to visit our old home town haunts--eat shredded beef tacos, pandasol, In and Out...we even got to visit the little diner where we had our first date. Oh, and what cracked me up...even the "Texas Sandwhich" there had avacado on it (which is SUCH a California thing). LOL!

It was good seeing old friends, seeing my dad, and just having our feet on California soil again.

We needed that!

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