Monday, January 26, 2009

They're Selling Texas Weeds Again

Out when I was in California I worked in a flower shop. Another lady who worked there was though it was funny that we were selling Mexican Evening Primrose. "That's a weed in Texas," she said.

"Awfully pretty for a weed!" I thought (and I hadn't even seen these beauties swaying in pink waves by roadside yet...I'd categorize them more as a wildflower.)

Well, just today I stumbled upon the Amazing Tickle Me Plant!. It responds to touch, moves throughout the day, and has cool pink fuzzy flowers. (See movie below showing it move throughout the day...they had a movie of it responding to touch, but it wasn't embeddable (and it had an annoying sound-track).

...and for only $4.95 you can have a packet of 10-20 seeds so you can grow them yourself!

Or just visit Texas and grab some off the road-side, cause they're weeds here. Very cool weeds, I might add. A friend of ours first introduced us to them when we were walking up near the Wycliff Linguistics center in Duncanville. They have them here in Waco, too. There's a bunch growing in the lawn of the Mayborn Children's Museum (in spite of being frequently mowed). My kids love to play with them every time we go. how do I collect those seeds?


  1. Amazing what are considered weeds. They are very pretty. Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday Blog-Style over at Tots and Me. So glad you could participate. Your post is this week's featured post!