Monday, March 26, 2012

Harvest Monday - Zone 8a

I've been looking around to see what gardening linkies there are out there. Quite a few it seems! One I found is Harvest Monday, where you get to show off your weekly harvest.

Oak Leaf Lettuce

This is my first year trying lettuce.  Below is heirloom Oak Leaf Lettuce I got from Azure Dandelion  (I think it was a freebie with some other stuff I bought).  I planted it last fall and for the longest time it stayed about 3 inches high, and I started wondering if that was all it was supposed to grow.  But the seed packet said "Harvest 1" -2" off the ground" so I figured it was supposed to be bigger.

January 7 - 2" high

Then in February they started to take off....

February 27 - Larger Ones about 5" high

 And look at it now!

March 26 - 1 Foot High

That one above is my biggest, and one I haven't touched.  I've been harvesting some of them, and learned something exciting!

I harvested as the the seed packet instructed and soon noticed tiny new leaves growing from the center...

And before long the center begins to regrow...

Didn't know that would happen!  I couldn't have been more excited!  Does all lettuce do this?  Or just certain varieties? 

And, here's the what the leaves look like...

They are the perfect size for hamburgers, and they've been tasting great in my salad.  All the wrinkles do hide dirt well, so I find I have to wash each individual leaf well.  Other than that, I'm really liking this variety of lettuce.  And the best part--no worries about using the lettuce before it wilts!  I just go out and grab what I need and it's always crispy and fresh.   I'll miss it when the Texas summer heat takes over and I have to bid my lettuce farewell!


This is also my first year to grow raddish.  It's not something I care for, but my husband and oldest son love them, so I'm happy to have a fresh supply.  And look...this one isn't even split!

Onion? Nope!

I have a bunch of onions I put out as sets in January growing in the garden, but most aren't very big yet.  There were a few that I planted earlier.  A couple were from seeds (most of my onions seeds never grew), and some were from pearl onions that had sprouted.  (I didn't know whether pearls were just baby onions taken before they matured, so I thought I'd plant them and see).

One of those early ones looked big enough to harvest, so I pulled it out and gave it a taste.  Ack!  Not onion!  At first I just thought it just didn't do well in my soil, like the awful bitter carrots I grew one summer.  But then I recognized the taste.  IT WAS GARLIC!     I had forgotten I had put some sprouting heads in my garden along with the pearls!

I could see the cloves in the center, though the outside looked like on onion. I gather that the cloves will eventually fill up the bulb, though I've heard Texas doesn't often give enough time for that to happen.  I'm wondering if you can use other parts of the bulb and stem too?  They did seem to have a garlicky taste.

So, that was my adventure in gardening this week!  If you'ld like to share what you're harvesting, head on over to Daphne's Dandelions and link up!


  1. Welcome to the Monday Harvest report! Looks like your year is off to a great start. We have grown that oakleaf lettuce a few times around our place and really liked it. You need to get after that tall one and get eating it, it's bolting and will go bitter soon! Have a great week.

  2. Thanks Stony for the tip! I'll nip that one soon!

  3. You can eat your garlic green both the bulby part and the green part use as you would scallion. This a treat that is available for a very short time. Soon your garlic will be sending out garlic scape, you must harvest to ensure large harlic head. Use the scape in cooking, it is another spring treat.

  4. Your very tall lettuce is probably bolting; that is getting ready to flower and set seed. Most lettuce will turn very bitter when that happens, but you can leave it and let it make some seeds for you. Very nice harvests for a newby!

    You can use any part of the green garlic; some people grow it to use it green on purpose.

    And yes, most lettuce, as well as other greens like cabbage will regrow from a stump.

  5. Isn't growing fresh vegetables just the best? I love going outside and coming in with dinner! Your lettuce looks great. And your radish, too. I bet together they make a beautiful and tasty salad. I've never grown garlic. How fabulous!

  6. beautiful harvest! that oak leaf plant is huge! crazy!

  7. Yup other lettuces will regrow too. I usually pick from the outside in though. Either way works.

  8. How fun-- I'm growing garlic this year as well, though it doesn't look as big as yours yet:-)