Monday, June 28, 2010

Todays Flowers - Horsemint Mosaic

Horsemint mosaic

Horsemint is a fascinating plant to take pictures of. It can look raggedy out in a field (espcially after it's dried a little in the Texas sun), but is delicate and lacy up close. 

So, I decided to feature photos of horsemint for Mosaic Monday, and to show it off in Today's Flowers too!  I used the Mosaic tool on Big Hugh Labs to make this mosaic.


  1. I like how you put your photos together and appreciate you including us at Today's Flowers. I have never heard of Horsemint before - beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
    An English Girl Rambles

  2. A beautiful mosaic...and I've never seen or heard of horsemint either!!!
    Happy MM!!!

  3. Oh, that is so pretty! It sort of looks like a cross between monarda and frittilaria. I'll bet a whole field of it is a sight to see! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  4. Very nice photos of a beautiful plant.

  5. Lovely flowers, I have never heard of this one before.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  6. Me, too, I have not heard of horsemint before, but I have seen these flowers too.

    Happy MM!

  7. Hi Gale, I could have been mistaken with what I saw in Torrey Pines, they were purple flowers in three layers. I checked out your leaves, they look like the mint herb.