Saturday, December 01, 2012

Monkey Stitch: A Review

Every year since he was 5, I have bought my middle child a shirt with his age on it.  And every year I've bought it from the same place...Monkey Stitch

So, why do I keep coming back? Well, for one thing, my kiddo loves the shirts! I keep thinking he'll grow out of the idea of wanting his age on a shirt, but every year he wants another one.   He'd wear them every day if I let him. 

And the shirts are really good quality.   Here's a close up of his 5 shirt after a year of use, and roughly 60 trips through the washing machine.

I don't baby it.  It's been washed at all temps, right side out, no special treatment at all.  And other than the normal wear on the fabric you'ld expect, it's just like I got it--not a seem loose!  Every single shirt I've bought from Monkey Stitch has held up this well!

She's been very flexible about working with me on designs, too.  There actually weren't any "number" shirts listed at Monkey Stitch shop when I bought my first tww there, only "Initial Shirts"... but she was happy to make one for me anyways.  She's always worked with me to get the fabric and fabric patterns I wanted too.  

Here's some more items I love from her shop....

Sale- Christmas Ribbon Bow Bib Ready to Ship - torilynn817 Sale- Christmas Ribbon Tree Shirt Ready to Ship - torilynn817 Navy Dot Argyle Tie Bib Ready to Ship - torilynn817
Sale- Christmas Bow Tie Oneise Ready to Ship - torilynn817 Rainbow Stripe Bib Ready to Ship - torilynn817 Sale- Modern Christmas Ornament Shirt Ready to Ship - torilynn817

NOTE:  I received a discount on the last shirt I bought from Monkey Stitch  in exchange for this review.  All the other shirts I bought previously I bought at full price without any conpensation.

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