Tuesday, April 02, 2013

This is Texas

My son spit in school...and could have won a prize for it.

  This is Texas

Yep, there was a spitting contest at the elementary school...and the teachers didn't even stop it.  In fact, they gave away prizes!

Yep, spitting beans into a can was just a one of the activities my kiddos got to do for Texas Round-up Day, an event at my kids school celebrating Texas Independence last month.  My oldest won second prize in the "pin the tail on the buffalo contest."  They also got to meet a real cowboy (and his horse).  And they got to dress up like cowboys...or would have if I had remembered (doh...bad mom, bad, bad mom!).

On the flyer it said they could wear jeans, western shirts, cowboy hats, boots,  bandanas, etc.  My kiddo drew arrows pointing at the hats/bandana and said "not required" but had another arrow towards that boots saying "I'd really like this."  (Sorry kiddo, but cowboy boots are expensive).

(Yeah, yeah...so this happened nearly a month ago and I'm just getting it posted now.
It's been a busy month!  But a good one!)

Masons Mama


  1. That is so awesome!!! I remember being young in school and loving when real cowboys came to visit us, now I'm married to one.

  2. That is crazy awesome!! Thank you for linking up with us!!

  3. I think wanting to dress up as cowboys and have boots is an almost universal wish. I ended up buying cowboy boots on Ebay for my grandsons because you're right, they ARE expensive! Enjoyed the visual of your son's Texas day; thanks and BB2U. P.S. Here from Wherever Wednesday and glad you had a good month.