Monday, June 03, 2013

San Antonio and a Whole Lot of Rain....

Rain in SA

Photo by Irene Nina Diaz

We have been trying to get down to Sea World in San Antonio since March, but one thing or another has come up to get in the way.  But Memorial weekend, we really thought it was going to happen.

My husband and I had a date planned Friday (our 3rd this year...we don't get out by ourselves much), and had planned to head down afterwards, cause driving at night works better for the kids.  But coming home it started to downpour.  We passed two wrecks in the first 10 minutes after the rain started.  It was bad.  We decided to wait til the next day to go down.   But by the next afternoon, San Antonio (or a good part of it) was underwater.

So, we haven't gotten down to Sea World yet...but worse than our minor inconvenience is the fact that 3 people lost their lives and many homes were flooded.  Our prayers are with San Antonio.

It's seeming like all I'm talking about here lately is disasters...but man has Texas been getting them lately!  Yeah, the tornadoes are nothing new, and neither is flooding for San Antonio, I gather....but dang, it just seems like a lot all in two months time.

When I talk about disasters like this I always like to include info on how you can help (and I know I've been posting a lot of "you can help here" lately, but it's not to pressure you--just to have that info easily at hand if people wanted to help).   Of course, as always, if you know of any places collecting items or donations for the flood victims, or events benefiting relief efforts, please let me know in a comment and I'll be happy to add it.

  • Donate at, 1-800-SAL-ARMY, or by mailing a check notated "flooding disaster victims" to 521 W. Elmira Street, San Antonio, TX 78212. 
  • FOX San Antonio, News 4 San Antonio, and The CW 35 are teaming up to help the victims of the floods that hit San Antonio and the tornadoes that ravaged Oklahoma.  I am not sure how the money will be divided between the victims of these two disasters.  You can donate to this fund here.  
  • Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, which helps people affected by disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and tornadoes.  (Or go to their website, where you can probably specify more directly how you want the funds used).  

  • SAN ANTONIO:  The Salvation Army in San Antonio is accepting donations  of canned food, non-perishable items, and bottled water. However, they are not accepting clothing or household items at this time.  Items can be brought to 521 W. Elmira Street, San Antonio, TX 78212

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