Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weather Wimps

Ok, I can't exactly call Texans weather wimps.  They go through days and days of 100+ degree heat in the summer, and sure, they complain about it...but they still get up early to mow their lawns when it's ONLY 90 degrees.  So, when the weather gets down to the 40's here, I can't blame them (and myself) for hiding out inside.  A).  We got acclimated to 100+ degree whether over the summer, so it takes our bodies longer to adjust to this.  B).  We know it's gonna be in the 70's or 80's any day now, so why not just wait for that?   C).  Cold weather really is colder here...I'm not kidding.  I grew up in the mountains and got snow all the time and temps down in the teens or lower were not uncommon.  But when I moved up here and had to walk across campus in 40 degree whether, cold, and rain, it FELT as cold as the coldest day we experienced "up the hill" in California.  Wind chill + humidity = COLD!

However, California flat landers...yeah, they are legitimately weather wimps.  I remember one day traveling down the hill to meet with some friends of friends there.  We were basking in the relative "warmth" while they were complaining about how freezing it was.  Guess things haven't changed.  This clip from Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious!


  1. That's so true. I am a weather wimp. I love warmth. 70, 80, even 90 with breeze is fine with me. But after living in Mich, Louisiana, and Houston, TX I would say those states are much colder in the winter. Have a Happy Holiday Gale. :-)

  2. I am a TOTAL weather wimp. I was born and raised Texan so this little cold snap of the weather being in the teens and twenties, I just can't hack it. :)