Friday, June 06, 2014

Dear Texas Drivers,

Thanks to Bill Abbot for use of the picture above. 

OK, Texans (well, some of'll know who you are)...I want to share with you about a useful communication tool in your car.  It's called a BLINKER.   You use it to let other people know that you are turning into their lane  (really, that's what it's for).  When you see someone using their blinker, you are supposed to slow down to let that car into your lane.   If ya'll can't manage that, at least have the courtesy to maintain your speed in stead of speeding up to block the person from getting in.

Cause Texans, I know you all pride yourself in your Southern hospitality.  And honestly, it's true--ya'll are nice people, by and large.  That is, until you get into the car, and then all that hospitality gets thrown out the window.

Really, California has you beat on that.  And it's not just my own idealized memory.   My friend and her husband from New England were telling me about how they noticed that on their last trip to California:  "When people there put on their blinkers, they do it well ahead of when they are going to merge, and everyone, universally, just slows down to let them in."  My friend thought it was so polite.

And politeness is a good thing, right?  If we rewarded people by letting them in when they use their blinker, maybe more people would use them, and we'd have safer, friendlier roads.  Wouldn't that be great?

So, Texans, DRIVE FRIENDLY and PLEASE use your blinker or at least be nicer to those who do.  Thanks.

A Texifornia Girl

(OK, rant finished).

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  1. I totally agree, Gale, I have what I call a Drive Friendly policy, I believe if people would just let other people in when merging it would speed everything up, but in my experience everywhere there are always those drivers that think they don't have to be nice. I so wish I could say that about California drivers but cannot, but there are some nice friendly drivers here in the PNW, and many that are not. I think they should make a video showing speed of merging when everyone takes turns versus what happens now where people won't space themselves out and take turns, I'm sure it would speed up rush hour waits so much.