Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A Mild Texas Summer

"This is, after all, Texas, and it's only by the grace of some current climatic weirdness that we're not slow-cooking in our own juices already."
~Owl farmer on a recent  post about Texas Summer

THIS was a mild summer.  A WEIRD summer for Texas.  But I can totally deal with weird.

Sure, it got into the hundreds a lot last month, but it actually got into the eighties too!  THE EIGHTIES, in AUGUST!  And so much rain.  I've been so thankful for that, not just for the cool it brought, but also because Texas needs it so much.  I have hardly had to water my lawn.  It's been LOVELY.

And gardening this summer has been great.  My one remaining swiss chard took over the back part of my raised bed, and made the basil turn into little trees climbing above it, taller than my 6 year old.  We collected onions all summer, and they didn't turn bitter and baked like they have in past, hotter summers when I've left them in the ground too long.  And, I had a couple firsts:  My first successful cucumber, and, right now, cultivating my first PUMPKIN...

Check THAT out.  Also, got to try cooking Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers, which are delicious!

Anyways, hope you thoroughly enjoyed this mild Texas summer, as I did.

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  1. It hasn't really been all that mild in Houston. It has been quite hot, but maybe I'm just not regulating my temperatures that well since I'm so pregnant heh. Definitely not as comfortable as if I was still living in California, so I'll give Cali that heh.

    1. Oh yeah...this is mild for Texas, but it would have been a hot summer for California. :-) And yeah, pregnancy ups the temperature quite a bit. I was lucky that 2 of my three kiddoes were born in spring. SO MUCH EASIER to winter through a pregnancy.