Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Welcome to This is Wherever Wednesday!   At Wherever Wednesday we share those little moments that show the character of the places we live:  those "This is California, this is Cambridge, Costa Rica moments."  Wherever you are, or wherever you've been...you can share your posts about those places here.

This month is the TWO YEAR anniversary of Wherever Wednesday being at Texifornia!  So, if you have been "traveling" with us for a while, I invite you to share  one of your favorite OLD Wherever Wednesday posts so we can take a look back (and maybe a new post too!).  (And so sorry folks that this post was a little late...if you've been traveling for a while with us you know that happens sometimes)

As always, I want to share a few posts from last week, in case you missed them...and there were so many good ones.  

I promised to share some of my favorite posts from old Wherever Wednesday's too..  So hard to choose,    If you haven't seen them before, I hope you'll check out at least one of these wonderful posts.  

One of the first "Wherever Wednesday" posts I read, back on Budget Blond, who started this whole things.  It was short and sweet and nearly all text, but the cultural snippets were so fascinating I was hooked immediately.

Another "This is Grenada" story that had me laughing so hard I was crying.

One of the first posts after TIWW moved
to Texifornia, and exactly what TIWW is about.

Real lighthouses and Lawn Lighthouses...just the sort of 
regional quirk that I love hearing about.

This was the most moving, most worldview changing post that ever graced This is Wherever Wednesday.  

I just had to share one of Babushka's wonderful, humor filled posts.  Hard to pick which one,
but I settled on this one about her home town, which gets better and better the further down you get.

The combination of her beautiful photos and exquisite wording made me feel like I was there,
feet sinking in the muddy water, hand on the paddle.  

If you're new to Wherever Wednesday and are wondering what's this all about...every month we share those little moments that really show the character of the places we live:  your "this is North Dakota, Denmark, Delaware, Dubai"  WHEREVER" moments.     If you're still a little uncertain what that means, this post over at Budget Blond will help you out.  And, though it's not required, I'd love if you would grab the This is Wherever button on the sidebar and share it in your post or somewhere else on your blog!  


  1. Happy anniversary!
    This is my second time to take part in "This is Wherever Wednesday," so I'm sharing my new post.