Friday, January 02, 2015

And Now Texas has Earthquakes...

Alright already, first there was snow in Southern Cal, and now there's earthquakes in Texas?  Of course, it was only a few little quakes...all under 3.0.  That would hardly be an event in California, but people out here are more used to blowing than shaking (meanwhile in California, they are crying "tornado" over a dust devil.)

But anyways, back to the quakes...guess theres's been a few of them now up in Irving, TX (yeah, there's an Irving in California I have to specify, this is the one near Dallas).  And funny, in the various news reports I've seen, I haven't once seen this...

Yeah, that's what you're supposed to do during an earthquake, just so you know.  Not that the little quakes in TX have been all that deadly, but still, I'm surprised, since there's been several of them now, not to see any safety warnings (sort of standard fair.).  Cause actually, if there ever was a larger earthquake in Texas it would be more deadly than one in California, since the buildings out here are build for tornadoes, not quakes.  DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE.  You do NOT want to be standing next to a brick building in a quake.  Or parking under an underpass, for that matter.  Or sitting under your Aunt's collections of heavy glass figurines.

But hopefully no one here in Texas will ever really need that info.  Cause while there's a lot in California I miss, I'm happy to let Cali  keep her earthquakes, thank you very much.


  1. Who would have thought??? I felt my first one a few weeks ago. I live in Irving.....

    1. So you were right there. How did it feel?