Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Supermarket State Pride - This is Texas

I've mentioned before how I find Texas stuff EVERYWHERE!  Our local supermarket is full of it.  

Any other place, I'd have to go online to find state shaped cookie cutter (unless I just happen to live down the street from a souvenir shop).  And yeah, you can find cookie cutters online for any state, but try this...go to Google shopping and search for cookie cutters for any state.  By the end of the first page, you run out of things that have anything to do with that state, most likely.  NOT TEXAS...those cookie cutters go on for pages.

They've got landmark cookie cutters too...

I forgot missions were a thing in Texas too.  I remember making models of California missions in 4th grade.  That and Sutter's Mill was pretty much the extent of our California history lessons.  Here in Texas they learn the State Flag, State Bird, State Mammal, etc. have yearly celebrations of Texas Independence (Texas Round-up Day), learn about all the famous people who founded Texas, and that's just in elementary school.  There's a whole class just on Texas History in middle school (I've subbed those several times).  

Anyways, those were things I found recently...here's some that were hanging out in draft form since last June (oops).  

And On the Candy Aisle

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