Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ideas For Next Giveaway?

Hmm...I've been browsing the Bloggy Giveaways and stumbled on one for a box of See's Candy. I LOVE the stuff...but they don't seem to have it out here in Texas (at least not anywhere near me). Hope I win!

That sparked an idea. The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival thing happens quarterly, so I thought it would be cool next time to offer something for homesick Texans in California, since I'm here and could send something you can't find in California. I'd love ideas! Please post a comment sharing what you think I should send from Texas for the next giveaway (or what you'ld like from California...maybe I can recruit someone in California to help)*, and I'll send one of the commenters a post card with my favorite Texas wildflower on it (the Mexican Evening Primrose...those delicate pink flowers that grow in waves of blooms along the freeways). Just make sure you include a way for me to contact you if you want the postcard (cause if I don't have any way to contact you I'll have to give it to someone else). I know a postcard isn't much...but it is a nice reminder of home! (Plus it was all I happened to have on hand right at the moment). I'll pick who to send the card to on August 4.

And, if you happen to be offering a giveaway on your blog that a homesick Texan or Californian would like, please let me know by posting a link to it in your comment, and I'll put another link to it in this post. And if you want to sponsor something from California or Texas for the next Bloggy Giveaways, you can e-mail me at windhavenglen@hotmail.com about it (especially if you're in California...since it would be nice to offer something from both states. Even something small, like a postcard or package of California Poppy seeds would be cool).

Here's the current giveaways I've found with a California appeal.

For Homesick Californians:
See's Candy (as mentioned earlier.)
Mel, A Dramatic Mommy is offering Jewelery by a San Diego artist, books by a San Diego Author, and reusable grocery bags from Traders Joes (a store you can find all over California but not in Texas).

(Still looking for others with specific Texas appeal)


  1. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Hi! This homesick Michigan gal...livin' in Australia with her handsome Aussie husband...would love a yummy Texas recipe sent her way. :) My husband and I love Mexican...how 'bout some Tex-Mex. I sure would love to cook some of those yummy dishes.


  2. I'm a home sick Californian that just moved to the East Coast. =( Some yummy Ghiriadelli Chocolate or some famous SF French Bread would make her happy. Or something from Texas would be fun.

  3. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Maybe a flower card/certificate for a bouquet of Texas wildflowers?
    kvicker at hotmail dot com

  4. How about some CD's from the Austin Music Scene? Or Kerrville's Folk Festival? Or anything from San Antonio!

  5. Road Runner pizza, is what I missed and Mexican Fried pies from San Antonio

  6. I'm from San Diego. I'm giving away books by a San Diego author and jewelry by another local. I tried to get strawberry jam from a company called Carlsbad Gourmet. They have great stuff but it didn't work out. Hope that helps a little!

  7. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Well, I am a Northeasterner now in Texas not far from you! It sure is way different living here and I miss the ocean and family much.

    I have no idea what to tell you to give away, this horrible heat maybe? ;)

    How about some Texas inspired jewelry?

    peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

  8. I'm not really homesick. I was born and raised in NY and I still live here.

    My mom LIVED for Sees candy!!! My brother lives in CA and he knew not to come home for a visit empty handed. He had to bring a box of Sees home for Mom (she never shared them either! LOL). Even when she went to CA to visit him she would buy Sees. Must be great stuff!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I'm still in California but I find most people miss In-N-Out burgers. No way to get it to out of state people tho.

  10. yummy salsa from texas. my aunt has brought us some before.

  11. I'm a homesick Californian. My family and I are in Seattle now, which we love, but we really do miss the orange blossom honey.

  12. Last Christmas my cousin from Houston brough some wonderful salsa back to Buffalo with him, that or some bbq sauce might be good.

    My area is know for food, maybe next time I will do a Buffalo treat package give away.

  13. Well, I don't know if I qualify for this but I'm in California. I was born and raised her and I reside in No. Orange County.

    I have a Giveaway going on, too. It's a French book, so that won't appease the homesick part.

    We did have an earthquake 2 days ago. 5.4. That's as California as you get.

    The thing I love most is the weather. Then we have pretty quick access to beaches, mountains, and desert.

    Okay, if I am include, great. If I'm not, it's been a nice visit.

    It's better to be homesick than sick of home.

    Hugs, KJ

  14. I have never been to either, but I would imagine it's hard to get some good ol Texas BBQ in California

  15. For your next giveaway, you could make a Texas gift basket with salsa, spices, Cowboys stuff...

    My favorite place is Austin, so maybe a cd from Austin City Limits?


    rlgrady [at] yahoo dot com

  16. West Texas Prairie Dust. Man that stuff is good. I eat it on tons of stuff.