Thursday, March 04, 2010

Charged With the Purchase of Cake-Wreckage

OK...first, check out the third cake down on this Cake Wrecks Post (the cup-cake cake) and come back (oh, please do come can check out all the yummy wreckage later. The link will still be here, I promise!)


OK, have you done it?

Yeah, pretty bad huh.
Who would buy something like that?



YEP...that's the same cake (pretty much).
And yes, I bought it for my child's first birthday party (4 years ago).
And yes, it pretty much looked like that in the
picture when I picked it out (except the eyes).
And yes, I bought it anyways.
What was I thinking?!

Well...I was thinking I wanted a frog themed party,
and that I also wanted a cup-cake cake because for a
first birthday a single cup-cake is so cute for pictures.

See, he's adorable!

OK...but the frog is pretty ugly. Guilty as charged.


  1. oh I bet he loved it...I was looking back at old photos of the cakes I made for my kids when they were little...I was no Ace of Cakes...that is for sure...but they liked them...and you know that is all that matters..

  2. That Cake Wreck website is a hoot. The frog cake you had wasn't too bad. The birthday boy is so cute. Love those shots of them eating their first birthday cake.
    ♥ Joy