Friday, April 23, 2010

Primrose Discovery

Guess what I found in my yard?

Well, yes, I often find that cutiepie in my yard,
but I meant the flowers.

I was so excited when they came up, because Mexican Evening Primrose is my favorite Texas wildflower. And no, I didn't plant these (at least not that I can remember). When we moved into our house last May, the yard was nicely mowed, so even if these beauties had still been around, I wouldn't have known...but they are here now, in both my front and back yard! Yeah!

My first experience with these beauties was when I was working at a nursery in California. We got some of these pink pretties in, and another lady who worked there who had lived in Texas started laughing. "I can't believe they're selling these!" she said. "They're weeds in Texas."

"Some pretty weed," I thought.

But I didn't know the half of it. Not until I saw them overflowing the median on I-20, waving in the wind like a frothy pink sea. It took my breath away...even more so than the bluebonnets did, gorgeous as they are.

Wish I had a picture of that! But here are some primrose posters and postcards I found on Zazzle.

I thought this one was appropriate for this blog, with the lone California Poppy...

And here's a lovely close up...

I like how this last one shows the primrose buds. Beautiful!
Oenothera speciosa - Pink Evening Primrose Photo postcard
Oenothera speciosa - Pink Evening Primrose Photo by citrine_dreams
More Pink evening primrose Postcards

So, what's your favorite Texas or California wildflower?

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