Saturday, April 02, 2011

Easter Questions

Tots and MeThe blog Tots and Me will be asking bloggers qustions related to Easter and providing a place to share them.  I would like to join in this journey.  Her first question was...

How Do You Prepare for Easter?

For several years now I've attended a Baptist Church that practices Lent (unusual, I know), which is typically a time of preparation. This has been a new experience for before I came to this church I had no idea what lent even was. My first year I didn't feel drawn to give up anything for the whole lenten season, but did decide to give up  media (TV and internet...I think I allowed myself music) from Good Friday through Easter Sunday. This turned out to be a powerful way to set this time aside and keep it Holy, and so I've continued this every year. I was also encouraged to find out that early Christians set aside this time to fast, long before the practice of lent I felt like I had intuitively stumbled on a long standing Christian tradition.

I have since given up other things for the whole season of I've learned it's a powerful tool in battling my indulgent nature, and tackling addictions. It doesn't really feel like preparing for Easter so much as a yearly time set aside to battle sin (not that I don't do that year round--but this is more focused). Sometimes it goes better than others.

One thing I'd like to do some day as a way to prepare for Easter is find a version of the new testament that puts the four Gospel accounts in chronological order (combining the four into one account)...and read through this starting with the Nativity story in December and ending with the Crucifixion and Ressurection by Easter (maybe continue on through Acts for May). But, I'll have to save that for another year.

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  1. I've thought about it, but I've never participated in Lent...

    Here's what the kids and I did last year for Easter:

    My son(5) is super excited to do it again this year!