Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Song is This?

Hi!  Welcome to Two Questions Thursday and Aloha Friday!  Just for fun, want to see if you can guess which song is illustrated below? It's a song from the 80's  (one of my faves now, though don't know if I had even heard the song then). The items below are things mentioned in the lyrics (or pretty some of the items mentioned are up for debate). Leave your guess in the comments.  I'll post the answer later.

'What 80's Song is This?' 

Gorgeous Vintage 70s Gi...

Detachable Faux Leather...

Fine Art Photo Print--P...

Vtg. Dinky 1960s Lincol...

Pretty in Pink Adorable...

Orange Knit Leggings O...

Vintage Beau Brummel Do...

2-way loudspeaker - The...

women's Giddy Up sn...

Lot of 5 Digital images...

Socking it -- (Gil Elvg...

Billy Joel gold record ...

Did you guess? Yes? No? 
Well, my second question is easier. What's your favorite 80s song?


Someone guessed the picture riddle, so I'm revealing the answer. .


If you open it in another tab you can look at the pics above while it plays and see if you can spot everything.   Or read the blow by blow below.


tie too wide
old tab collars (eh, it was close enough)*
white wall tires
blue continental (lincoln continental)
pink sidewinders**
bright orange pair of pants
Beau Brummel***
sneakers (and cheep for etsy at least)
A+ student (I used grads)
looks and a whole lotta money (she has dollar bills in her pantyhose)
Rock and roll (the Billy Joel record) 
(and yep, I had to look these up)
*Tab collars are faux collars you can add to a shirt.  I thought that was "old time collars" til I read the lyrics.
*Sidewinders is said to refer to either slip on sandals or a way of tying your laces, according to this. I went with the sandals cause I was using sneakers later.

**Beau Brummel is the guy who invented the tie. I always though it was "bold runner" til I looked up the lyrics for this! Ha!

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  1. I am not sure, but is it Billy Joel, "It's Still Rock & Roll to Me"?
    I have a lot of favorite songs in the 80's - all those rock bands how can I pick one over the other, they are da- bomb!

  2. You got it! Good guess!

  3. It was the Billy Joel gold record that finally make it click for me. I love that song.

    The second question is a lot harder. There were so many bands from that era that I love. I especially like the "hair" bands.

  4. Now that was creatively cool! I love Billy Joel - and way too many songs from the 80's to pinpoint any specific one. :) It was a great decade! :)

    Fox vs. Rabbit

  5. I was only born in 83...I think Im too young to have guessed. After seeing Rock of current favorite 80s song is probably Pour Some Sugar on Me :)

  6. Ha! Good one! I never would have guessed it! ^o^

  7. That's funny; there must be a strong mental connection there for me for some reason. I'm not a really big Billy Joel fan, but I got it with one picture: the whitewall tire.

    I agree with others that the second question is tough, but I guess my affinity for '70s songs made me go with an early-'80s song. "She's a Bad Mama Jama" by Carl Carlton is the best I can think of.

  8. I'm so bad at the guessing games! I never would have guessed that!!