Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Texas Bloggers Vote! 2012 Linky Party!

Many people will be voting in the presidential election this year, but it's just as important to vote in state and local elections as in the "major" races. Early voting starts October 22, and Election Day (the last day to vote) is Nov 6. If you don't know who's running this November, candidates are listed here or you could use the form on Project Vote Smart to find them,  and you can find more info about voting in Texas here.

If you have a blog posts related to Texas politics or local elections, please share it in the linky below.  In the "name section" on the linky below please put either "statewide" or the city, county, or district which your post is related to.  After that you may put the post title or topic.  Please link directly to your blog post.


Dallas - How This Election Can Change Everything

District 17 - My Views on Flores

STATEWIDE - Why Voting Local Matters

Help spread the word about this event by posting the following button on your blog.  While it's not required, it sure is appreciated!

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