Tuesday, February 05, 2013

This is (NOT) Texas

There was a quote I once read by Canadian turned Texan blogger Busy Being Jennifer...

" I want a horse! Like really really badly want a horse! I mean come on!! I live in Texas... living in Texas should automatically come with a horse."
-- Quoted from another blog, Mommy Made, about Jennifer's old blog,  Finding My Way in Texas

Of course, that's a bit of stereotype.  But stereotypes are just exaggerated grains of truth.  Sure, not everyone in Texan owns a horse, but that doesn't mean  a  random group of horseback riders won't come riding through your local playground (just speaking from experience).  And not everyone in Texas wears cowboy boots...but I never saw a toddler wearing cowboy boots in California!

That goes for my home state's sterotypes too.  Not everyone in California surfs or knows a movie star, but...well, just using myself as a random sample,  my dad worked in the movie industry, so I met a few celebrities even if I wouldn't say I "knew them"....and my husband surfed even if I didn't.

All states have their stereotypes.  Here's a funny 2 minute run-down of stereotypes in all 50 states (yep, this post is brought to you by YouTube today!): 

So, what's some stereotypes about where you're from? Is there some grain of truth to them?


  1. Fun post! It's so true, though, we do have stereotypes depending on where someone's from.

    "Everyone" in Alabama is a redneck. :)

  2. I love this! We are living in Tennessee now after spending my entire life in Southern California. My husband was also born and raised in California.

    His new co-workers expected him to be shocked to see snow (we lived in the mountains for four years) and they think he should be some hippie surfer. It makes me laugh when he tells me all his work stories!

  3. I've always thought it amusing to hear the California stereotypes, especially when I'm traveling overseas. Being a native NORTHERN California girl, we strive to have our differences acknowledged from our southern California counterparts!

  4. Fun post! I'm a Texifornian, too. I ALWAYS get the California stereotype questions, being a born-and-raised SoCal girl. It doesn't help my case, though, that I spent a lot of time in Hawaii growing up, so I DO surf, I DO listen to reggae, and I DO have friends in Hollywood that know people (who know people), hee hee. I guess some stereotypes stick, but others are just silly!

    (Visiting from Texans Who Blog FB group!)

  5. JU SO FONII!!! Actually, the bit about Florida- "The more North you go the more South you go" is the ABSOLUTE truth. I'm always stating I live "Up North in The South" when I talk about Tallahassee to my Miami people. Glad to be back in the hop- BB2U.

  6. Born and raised in Texas and having lived in California for a while... it is funny to laugh at the stereotypes that people have of each other!!

  7. Now that was funny right there! :)

    I love the fun things and some stereotypes :)

    I think one for LA is that we eat everything with hot sauce :)


  8. That was a fun video. I grew up in Georgia the moved to Alaska. I've lived in northern California, Oregon and now Washington state (not the Seattle area, over by Idaho). Yep, there are stereotypes everywhere.

  9. You have a great subject today Gail! It is completely true. I have lived in a few states to know, TX, LA, CA, MI, PA. So I would say the stereotypes are not far from the truth. It used to be that people in LA or MI thought that CA people are blonds and tanned skinned. This has changed though to Miami. Californians are made up of more foreigners than any other state- except New York so I heard recently. :-)

  10. When I first came to Houston (Texas) our radio station KPRC would run this commercial which was saying, "If you don't have an oil well get one."

    Jim's Thursday Two Questions