Tuesday, November 06, 2012

This is Texas

Last month I took my kids to play at a local park...and something amazing happened. All of a sudden 5 horseback riders came galloping through the park, slowing to a nice trot near the playground. They stopped by the restrooms there and a couple of them stood outside and held the horses while the others went inside.

I brought my littlest, carefully, over to see the horses.  There were two horses being held by one of the riders, and one of them seemed restless not to be tethered anymore.  He kept stomping his foot and I held my little one's shoulder's firmly...being a parent brings all sorts of fears I never knew before.  But another rider was holding a single horse nearby, and this one seemed calm.  I asked if we could pet him.  He said sure, and not to worry...she didn't bite. 

Then the man looked down at my son and asked me,  "Would he like a ride."  I was gobsmacked...that was absolutely unexpected.  I turned to my pumpkin and asked him if he wanted to, and then he was being helped up onto the horse and carefully lead around.  He gave rides to to several other children including one of my older sons before he left.  I was touched by his graciousness and the pure wonder of the moment. 

This is Texas!

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  1. Here from your travel blog hop and I must say that kindness is universal, sad that we're surprised by it, but so happy you and your child were able to be receivers of it. It's so important for our little ones to see there is kindness in our world. Anyways, enjoying this travel blog hop concept and hope it becomes a grand success. BB2U

  2. How sweet! A memory I am sure you will all remember for years.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

  3. How exciting! I loved horses as a little kid. Some of my relatives just moved to Texas. Their fun pictures make me want to take a visit! Everyone seems so friendly and nice.