Saturday, March 02, 2013

Nobel Winning Poet Doing a Reading in My Town!

Seamus Heaney, one of my favorite poets ever, is doing a live reading of his poetry--and I'm going to get to go!  I'm so excited.  When my husband* told me about this event, I squealed like a teenage girl who just saw Justin Beiber!  Today I'm going to be digging around trying to find the paper I wrote on his poetry in college...and I gotta find where I put his poetry book, and the CD with him reading poetry I have.  Yeah, I'm a bit of a fan.

If you want to see why I love his poetry, you can get a taste of Seamus Heaney's Poetry here.

And if you happen to be driving distance from Waco, you can find details here on the when and where of the poetry reading.

*I am very impressed that my husband, who is not at all a poetry lover, remembered that I love Seamus Heaney's Poetry.  He'll be watching the kids for me that night--double kudos.

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