Tuesday, March 05, 2013

This is Texas

Had several "This is Texas" moments this month.

Passed an orange Lamborghini with a Texas Longorns Decal on the back.  Now that's school pride!

(For those not familiar, the Texas Longhorns are the mascot of the University of Texas at Austin, whose colors are burnt orange and white.)


Of course, this is also Waco, where the colors tend to be more in the green and gold category.  I had the awesome experience of getting to hear Nobel prize winner Seamus Heaney read his poetry at Baylor University this Monday.    There was a couple distinct Waco, Texas and Baylor moments that night.   For a poet who writes a lot of deep, thoughtful, reflective and serious poems, Seamus Heaney showed himself surprizingly humorous.  He mentioned that his father  raised cows, so he was really enjoying his time here in Texas, "though, this being Texas, the cows here are a bit bigger."    When he announced that he was going to read his poem, The Baler, the whole room erupted in laughter (because of course it sounds like "Baylor" ).  I'm guessing he picked it for exactly that reason.  And he also read an original poem which he had written for the occassions, and which they were selling prints of, which he said "I hope you pay an exorbitant amount for...you know, for Baylor, not for me."  

This is Waco, Texas...and This is Baylor!

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(Thanks to Pixabay for the Lamborghini graphic.)


  1. I went to Baylor, but I haven't been back since I graduated. Lovely campus, though I bet it has changed a lot since I was there. Did you get by to see Waco Springs?

    1. Hmm...well, I don't know what Waco Springs is, so probably not. What is it? When did you go to Baylor.

    2. I was at Baylor 1064-67, a common thing people did to freshman was to take them for a drive to see Waco Springs. It was literally a springs shop. Kind of like going on a snipe hunt. Cameron park with all the cliffs was very nice though. When I was in shape I rode my bike to the top.;-)

  2. I just love when people show hometown pride. Also love the unexpected. How cool that your post had both. Isn't it wonderful when people loosen up a bit or are funnier, more "real" than we had imagined? Here from the wednesday whenever; BB2U