Thursday, October 30, 2014

Attorney General

I looked for dates between the Attorney General candidates and could find none, however, I did find some debates in the primary and thought what they said in those debates might be telling.  Actually, didn't find any debates including the Democrat (Sam Houstan), but did find one with Paxton. I only watched one part of it (it was four parts...Part 1 was all introduction, and Paxton came in half way into Part 2.  Below you can see what time on the video you can see his answers...

11.49 - Question: How have you reduced the size and scope of State Government.

Paxton's answer followes immediately.

14:35 Question: (Paraphrased)  If you were Attorney General today, describe what you would be doing about an investigation into 1: UT Law School Foundation payola to UT Law Professors 2) UT preference shown to unqualified students of politicans and donors.

17:17 Paxton's Answer

20:50 Question: (paraphrased) The court has ruled that property Owners do not have a Constitutionally Protected Vest Right in Property Uses.  What is your view of this rulign?

23:24 Paxton's Answer

27:30  Question: (paraphrased) Define the terrm "Activist Attorney".  Would you be one?

Paxton's answer followes immediately.

34:09 Question: (paraphrased) Define Cancer Research Institute Secret Scandal and how it could have been avoided.

26:45 Paxton's Answer

40:49 Question: (paraphrased) If elected Attorney General would you then "trade up" for higher offic?  What is your position on the Emerging Tech Fund, the Texas Enterprize Fun and the Special Events Fund aka Forumula 1 Racing.

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