Wednesday, January 17, 2018

So, I heard Texas got snow...

So...this happened...

That picture (and the humor) was from a friend of mine in Houston...not from me, cause as you know if you read my last post, I'm not in Texas anymore.

And NOW it decides to snow.

You remember around 2008 - 2011 or so Texas got some pretty good snow? (And, for any northerners dropping by,  by "pretty good"  I mean enough snow to scrape a snowman off your yard if you try really, really hard).  

Well, you may not but my kids sure do...and EVERY SINGLE YEAR SINCE any time the temperature would drop, they would look to the sky for white stuff, and get mad when none would come.  

So now I'm in a place with mountains in short driving distance...but even the mountains aren't getting snow (least not any that sticks long enough for us to get there.)  Meanwhile, TEXAS is having tons of it (and by tons, I mean...ah, well, um....SOME).   It's like the state is blowing snowy zerberts at us!

Seriously, though I can't's like 75 degrees here.  

Enjoy the snow ya'll!

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