Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What's Hot and What's Not Wednessday

It's time again for What's Hot and What's Not Wednessday...that great little meme hosted by Loobylu.

Here we go...

A mid-day snow flurry in Texas, in December! Here in Waco it melted nearly as soon as it hit the ground, though the flakes were big and beautiful. Up in Dallas I heard it stuck for a little while! (Hey, if it snowed in your area too...leave a comment and let us know how much snow you got! I'd love to hear!)

Seasonal colds and fussy babies.

These alternative Santa T-shirts designs from A Christmas Trail! Love em, love em love em...

A very Texas Santa (though wait...Sun Glasses? He might just be a Texifornian!)...

And a Californian Kris Kringle...

So fun!

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