Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A White Texas Christmas!

God blessed us with a White Christmas this year. Snow during the holidays was not uncommon back in the mountains of California where I spent my high school years, but this has been my first white Christmas since coming to Texas over 10 years ago! We were spending the holidays with family in Fort Worth. The snow started falling mid morning on Christmas Eve and kept coming down all day. The wind made it hard to stay out for too long, but we still made a few ventures out and had a good snowball fight. It stopped snowing that night but the snow was still there Christmas morning. The sun came out and melted the places where the wind had swept most of the snow away, but where it had drifted up it stayed. The day was glorious...warm enough to go out and play but cold enough to let us enjoy the snow all that day.

Though much of the snow gradually melted, there was still patches left when more snow started falling yesterday. This snow falled slow and thick...coming straight down without any wind. Most was gone this morning, but it was wonderful while it lasted. All of it is gone now, except a little mound where my son's snow-man was yesterday, but this was the longest, deepest snow I've ever seen here. What a wonderful Christmas!


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