Monday, August 02, 2010

My World Tuesday - Lego Castle Adventure

My World One of my favorite places to take the kids here in Waco is the Mayborn Museum. This summer (through September 5th) they have a Lego Castle Adventures Exhibit. Here's some pictures of my kids exploring it...

 My littlest loved the lego castle.  
One of his favorite things was jumping off the thrown.

The wall and thrown were not made of "real" legos, 
but that stained glass window behind it was... was this knight AND the tapestry behind him.

 My two older boys spent most of their time making their own lego creations.

They had some giant sized blocks for little ones to play with too.
I suggest bringing hand sanitizer...some of these were pretty grimy. 

My littlest (age 2) got bored of this exhibit after about an hour...but my older kids (who both love Legos) could have stayed there building all day. But even without this exhibit the Mayborn has plenty of fun things to keep your children fascinated all day.


  1. This looks like so much fun for kids (and for adults too(!

  2. wow, this is a lot of work [and fun] for these kids.