Friday, July 30, 2010

Small Talk 6 - Living Room Changes

This week's Small Talk 6 (which I'm a couple days late for) was 6 things you'ld like to change about your living room.

Here's what I'd like to change about my living room!

1. The couch with the torn up cushions would be GONE, replaced by a satalite couch.
2. There would be SOMETHING on our walls...other than paint.
3.  The furniture would all be the same color wood.
4.  It would have some shelving or cupboards of some sort to store stuff in. 
5.  It would be self-cleaning (a girl can wish, can't she?)

If you blog, you can share your 6 on your blog and post the link at Small Talk 6 at MomDot.  If you don't blog, why not share your 6 in the comment below?

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for telling me about the MomDot and the meme which I thought looked fun.
    Too bad it's not up at the moment as I would love to join. The blog I have is strictly a photoblog, but I have another - in Norwegian...hehe, so I would have to do it both in English and Norwegian.
    I'll look back later to see if it's up :)

    BTW: what you would like to change about your living room sounds just like my wishing list! Especially the last one.