Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Competing Skies

The sky had so many personalities the other night...

To the east the sky was a frothy pink confection that 
looked like it should have winged unicorns flying through it.

And to the west...

The sky like kindling ablaze against the black shadows of leaves and houses.

So much beauty!

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(The featured photo is of grackles this week...
I'll have my own to share next week.) 


  1. Nature provided you with some truly remarkable sights in all directions. Very nice.

  2. oh wow! that orange is wonderful! I love all the pictures.

    happy SWF

  3. The last capture is incredible.

  4. Terrific skies! The west view is spectacular but I also enjoy the soft pink tones of the others.

  5. i love both the pastel and fiery skies.

  6. Hi Gale :)
    grazie per la tua traduzione in inglese... purtroppo anch'io non parlo inglese e mi servo sempre del traduttore on-line... sperando che lavori bene !!!
    Le tue foto per SW sono molto belle.
    Buona giornata.

  7. Interesting colours in those skies. Beautiful.

  8. Stunning colors. Great captures.