Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Texifornia Round-Up - Tuesday 10

I've been stumbling on some great posts and articles for the past few months, and wanted to share them with you!  

Posts to make you laugh...

This month I stumbled on the Texas Cockroach (um...not a real one, thankfully...this is witty Onion style site for Texas!)  Check out this "news" article about a Lewisville ISD Teacher.  I used to sub in LISD, so I'm wondering if I ever met him.  :-)

Cake Wrecks (one of my favorite blogs) has a hilarious post about a Cake Show in Austin with some pictures of some amazing cakes, too.  These were Sunday Sweets...not wrecks (usually this blog makes fun of really bad cakes, but not on Sunday) .  The author's experience in Austin, however... more on the wrecky side.

Posts for your mind and spirit...

A friend of mine wrote a wonderful  guest post about community on Texas Schmexas.
And here's a great post I forgot to share with you all from a while back.  What Gives You Hope, by Texas Tanya.

California places  (and some gorgeous pictures too)...

There was  beautiful brief overview of Monteray Bay with pictures over at Petite Hermine.

Live, Love, Give had photos of Anza Borrego Desert Park, only 3 hours drive from Los Angelos...GORGEOUS!  Based on these photos I think Springtime would be the time to visit!

At Better than Ezra there was a neat post about the Chatsworth Nature Preserve in Chatsworth, CA.
And Postmark California Toyota posted about the Grand Prix in Long Beach, which just happened to be across the street from the marina I used to live in.  That was a trip down memory lane.  I remember hating the noise from it, but also having fun playing on the bleachers and bridges they set up for it before it came.

Texas Money saver...

If you live near an HEB, you might get some use out of the HEB deals Frugally Thrify lists every week.

And a Little Something for Texifornians and Gardeners...
Owl Farm, one of my favorite blogs by Texifornians, had a wonderful Earth Day post about gardening, helping the environment, and coming to peace with where she lived now and the longing she still feels for the California Desert.

And hey, did you notice...10 links in all!  Just in time for 10 on Tuesday!


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