Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Bloom Day - June

Last summer, I let my yard grow wild to see what wildflowers would grow if I left it alone.  (You can see the chronicles of that experiment here.)  This summer I am enjoying the wildflowers I discovered, while doing a lot of selective weeding to keep my yard from turing into a jungle again.

Here's my favorite corner of the yard....

It's dried out a little from earlier this month.  You can see that tall tufted grass I love in foreground (looks even prettier in motion), surrounded by frogwort, which makes a great groundcover.  In the back you can see a bed of horsemint, expanded from the two plants that grew last year in that corner.  I love how it comes up just as the wild primrose is fading.  All of that grew without digging, mulching, planting, or watering!    The only thing I did back there was weed!

In another corner of my yard, the first wild sunflower started to bloom today!

Please ignore the junk in the background (we have some building projects going on, and some random summer toys that needed to be put away).

And in my front yard, this pink beauty popped up.

But, I have started to add a few "domestic" plants as well.  Last year I planted some daisies and Salvia.  The daisies didn't make a comeback, but the Salvia returned:

And I planted some new flowers in a nice flower bed with some strawberries:

So, that's what's blooming in my garden!  You can share what's blooming in yours at Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!


  1. What a clever idea!!! I have a section of yard I may try your 'experiment' on......if it is not too late in the season! Just such a fun thing to do!

  2. Love your blog name. I couldn't imagine what that stood for before I checked out your site.

  3. Love your experiment...that grass is you know what it is?