Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hop and Squidoo - Updates

Hello, and welcome fellow Squido Lensmasters! For those who aren't travelling here by blog hop and don't know what Squidoo is, it's just a place where you can make nifty little web pages about any topic you choose, and maybe earn a little money for yourself or a charity in the process.  The hop way to place to share blog posts related to Squidoo (and get help, comments, advice from some great lensmasters). 

Thought I'd hop here today since I have some Texas updates to share, mainly that  I added some summertime and patriotic Texas t-shirts to my Texas T-shirt lens (which currently is benifiting Save the Children...since I donate my portion of the ad revenue and affiliate earnings there).  I also have a shirt lens for California T-shits (which I probably need to update).

I shared recently about my new lens, Nazareth - An Interactive Experience.  This week I made a related lens about how to create Fake Rock Walls.  All the photos were donated by people who had made sets for Nazareth themed Vacation Bible Schools this summer, and I'm so grateful to them!

It's benefiting Save the Children too, and guess what, someone already made a purchase though my one commercial module on that lens (an amazon lens about rock paper)!  What I llike about that (other than extra $ for Save the Children), is that the commercial content blends well with rest of the content. When I posted up the rock wall picture on the Group VBS forum people asked about where I had gotten the rock wall paper, so I knew that it would be useful on the lens too.  

So, how do you feel about the commercial aspects of your lenses (and websites and blogs, for that matter)?  How do you feel about similar commercial sections you encounter on other pages?  Does it contribute to the content?  Does it detract?


  1. I don't mind the "commercials" because I know that without them we would not get paid.

  2. What a great post and I love the fact that you are donating to a great cause!

  3. I have no issues with lens commercialization, as long as the selling modules fit the topic of the lens. I do get annoyed when I feel the lensmaster is only out to sell his/her stuff, especially if lens after lens the same items are being sold.