Thursday, June 30, 2011


The carrot above was not grown in my Vegetable garden, but it was grown in my yard.  I accidentally left some seed packets outside  last year, which got blown all over our yard.  Earlier this month I discovered this...a odd looking but better tasting carrot than what I've tried to grow in our garden before.

Now, it is not the season to plant carrots, but there's still a lot you can plant, and some that you might want to plant soon here in Texas (if you want to brave the heat, at least):
  • July is the month to plant pumpkins for Halloween jack-o-lanterns (yeah, wow...I gather a pumpkin takes a long time!).

  • The first week of July is the last chance to plant okra, luffa, peanuts, and, in south Texas, sweet potato slips--which are heat lovers and won't have time to mature if planted later.

  • You can find out what  other herbs and vegetables you can plant this month in Texas or anywhere else in the United States HERE.


  1. I bet that carrot was a surprise! It is to hot for me to even think about planting anything now. I spend a lot of time watering trying to keep what I have from dying!