Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 Question Thursday/Aloha Friday

Every now and then I participate in Aloha Friday, where I ask a simple question for you to answer (nothing that requires a lengthy response) and Two Question Thursday (same idea...only TWO questions).

We recently got back from a Vacation with my family in California.  With three boys under 10, a 4 hour flight, and long trips in a rental car, I was very thankful to have a few things with us.  The most useful (other than diapers...diapers are definately useful) were these:

Our iPhone: Direction on google maps, Yelp for finding good restaurants and hotels, and lots of games to keep the kids occupied.  Oh, and if you are visiting San Diego might I recommend the free San Diego Hotels map and the Balboa Park ap you you plan to visit there.

Crayola Color Wonder Disney Cars Coloring Book and MarkersColor Wonder Books:  I bought one book for each of my three boys and they were worth every penny.  They kept them busy for hours on the plane and at my Dad's nursing home, and I didn't have to worry about them coloring the seats.

So anyways, here's my questions today...

  • Where have you travelled this summer?
  • What are the things you found most useful while traveling?

If you have a blog and would like to post your own questions you can leave your link on the appropriate day at the linkys at 2 Questions Thursday and An Island Life.


  1. This sounds crazy, but the furthest I've traveled away from home this Dallas. Yes, Dallas! My wife is a state pageant director and she had her state and national finals in Dallas, so I guess I could say I traveled to Dallas, twice, this year.

    What did I get out of those trips? I'm even more convinced that I NEVER want to live there and I'm convinced that all that do are legally insane or headed that direction.

    The Impulsive Texan

  2. No where yet Gale! We had a summer of moves. Last one happening this weekend...son off to college. We are looking forward to a nice cruise to Ensenada, Mexico the following week. Yay!
    My laptop and HTC EVO, yup. SO set me up good so that I can be on the go with my kids and my business. :-)

    Thanks for playing this week, looking forward to next time and many more weeks to come.

  3. We went to Jamaica to visit my mom.. It has been five years!

    It was very useful to have a car to get around.

    I hope I can go again sometime.

  4. It may sound strange but we haven't traveled at all this summer. My hubby's union and company were in contract negotiations and there was a threat of a lockout or strike. We decided to save up just in case. The contract was just settled last week and we are planning a trip for the end of September.

    My phone, I can access the internet for maps, list of hotels, restaurants, etc. The other item would be my camera because I love to take photos.

  5. We have not traveled far....just from Dallas area to Houston. The best thing we took was bottled water and printed directions from MapQuest! We also drove in the coolest time....leaving Dallas at 4 am. We returned the same way. SO hot here this summer!

  6. We drove to Iowa to visit my sister and her hubby this summer - the most useful things we found were the portable DVD player, color wonder books (those are great, aren't they?) and a cooler with snacks (apple slices, carrot sticks, gogurt, water, soda and juice) that was easily accessible from the back seat. :)

    School Lunch - What Are You Packing?

  7. I did visit San Diego this summer, but I did not have the apps you suggested. Maybe next time.

  8. We really didn't travel anywhere special this year. Although we will probably make a trip back east to visit the family.

    I like my camper trailer with me when I travel.

  9. We didn't travel this summer which was in a way nice. It can be stressful packing everyone up and long rides etc.

    The most useful thing we pack is a cooler which helps with not stopping so much.

  10. * Where have you travelled this summer?
    Only one trip so far this summer and that was to San Diego.

    * What are the things you found most useful while traveling? We don't often use the car but when we do I NEVER get it it without plenty of kids music. Riding in a car with my toddler sans kids music is a NIGHTMARE!