Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is Texas Summer

I had this coversation with some of my facebook friends back in July...

ME:  Wow...it's 2:41 and ONLY 91 degrees out...no, seriously, this may be the coolest day we've had all summer!

CALIFORNIAN FRIEND:   Getting homesick for living in the shadow of the Mojave?

TEXIFORNIAN FRIEND:  Seriously!!! I know! Aren't we getting close to 30 days in a row of over 100 degrees this summer?!? I am ready for fall! :)

MY MOM (A New England Texifornian):  30 days! Try 60!!! And more of the same next week!

TEXAS FRIEND:  ‎98 here...I almost had to run back in for a jacket earlier :)

Well, it's been another month of triple digits since then (which I was glad to be out of Texas for half of).   The heat inspired one Texas blogger to make a Texas version of "The Beat Goes On" (The HEAT goes on).  But seems we're finally getting a little relief now (at least here in Waco).  It's been comparatively "nice" the last couple days...and more rain is expected later this week.   



  1. Haha thanks so much for linking up! I cracked up at your This Is Living On A Boat!! That is too funny and oh so interesting. Do you have any posts about your time living on a boat? I'd love to read about that for sure!

  2. Thanks so much for the link back to my blog! I've enjoyed our week of cool weather, but it looks like the triple digits are back for a few days this week. Ugh!! Hopefully this is the last of it, so we can get back to our gardens!