Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interview: Texifornian Blogger Shonda Gibson

This week I'm happy to share with you an interview with travel blogger and Texifornian Shonda Gibson.  Enjoy!

When did you live in Texas, When did you live in California, and have you lived any other places?
I lived in Texas as a child, but ended up in Indiana for high school.  After college and grad school took me to a few different states I ended up in California and now I am back in Texas for the last 3 years.  I feel like I am home again and I have even reconnected with some old friends.

Do you consider yourself more of a Texan or Californian, and why?
Texas is more "me".  It just feels like home.  Living here as a child probably set the tone for the rest of my life and that time period of my life was here in Texas. However, my daughter considers herself a SoCal girl... it's what she knows.

What's your favorite and least favorite thing about living in California?
My favorite thing about California are the active lifestyles.  My least favorite thing is the time it takes to get from one destination to another.

And what's your favorite and least favorite thing about living in Texas?
My favorite thing about Texas is the proud attitude of a true Texan.  It just shines through.  "I'm from Texas.  What country are you from?" I just love it.  My least favorite thing are the housing subdivisions.  It is not how I remember it.  Everything is now so close together and it's difficult to find a plush piece of land to go along with your property anymore. 

You have a website called Abundant Journeys. Tell me about it.
Abundant Journeys blog is a travel and lifestyle online magazine for the affluent traveler.  My love for travel spilled over into a wonderful lifestyle most people would define as a career.  Abundant Journeys blog is for the family who enjoys traveling together and traveling well.

Tell me about your favorite vacation spot in California?
My favorite vacation spot depends on my mood for the day.  Maybe it is a weekend on Catalina Island or a trip to Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara.  Or perhaps a winter weekend getaway to Indian Wells or down the coast to our home away from home in Rancho Santa Fe, favorites for me... well, I don't believe I truly have any. 

And what's your favorite spot to vacation in Texas?
For Texas, the same as California, it depends on my mood.  Heading down to Galveston for a Royal Caribbean cruise or Austin for some night life or out to Lake O the Pines for a summer stay, a vacation of any sort is my favorite. 

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