Thursday, January 10, 2013

Texas Bloggers: Interview With Kendra Krebs of The Flower Hazard

Kendra Krebs is the blogger behind the blog The Flower Hazard.   I recently got the chance to interview her about her blog and her experience as a "Texas transplant" from Oregon. 

You're here in Texas now, but grew up in Oregon.  How did you find your way to Texas?
I moved here for a job in 2001, fell in love with the area, and fell in love with my hubby and have been here ever since! My parents now live here part time, so that's a blessing too!

What do you like best about living here, and what was the
hardest thing to get adjusted to? 
I love the heat!!! I was so cold in Oregon, and we didn't have good summers. The heat was hard to get used to, but now that I have I dread the cold!

What do you miss most about Oregon?
I miss the tall, tall green trees and mountains. I also miss being able to get to the mountains or to the coast within a few hours.  Texas is such a big state!

Now you live in Kyle, TX.  Tell me a little bit about your town. If I
was driving through, where would you suggest I stop to eat?  Are there
any other fun things you'd suggest doing while I was there?
Kyle is a small town, but is growing quickly. We are located just
south of Austin. One of our favorite restaurants is Bordeaux’s.  They have a wonderful menu, and even though it is fine dining, you can wear jeans and feel comfortable there. It’s our favorite special place to eat dinner.   Our biggest event in town during the year is the Kyle Fair and Music Festival.

Your blog is called The Flower Hazard.   How did you pick that name?
I'm a Flower Hazard, because, although I had a green thumb in Oregon,
I've had a hard time keeping plants alive and well in Texas! I love
gardening so I keep trying, but the weather doesn't always cooperate!

What's one of your favorite posts from your blog so far?
My favorite posts are the beginning of a series that I've started on Meal
Prepping. I've done two posts so far and have others planned to help
busy folks prepare healthy, delicious meals for the week in one prep

You write a lot about food and cooking on your blog.  In Texas we
have a lot of Tex-Mex and there a type of food distinctive to
where you grew up in Oregon?
In Oregon the Mexican food was more Baja style, instead of Gulf style like we have here in TX. Other than that, it was just plain old food! I love the food and varieties here in Texas, especially in the Austin area. It’s a culinary delight! The other major difference is tea is typically unsweetened in Oregon, and in
Texas you have to ask when ordering to make sure it’s not sweet!

The Flower Hazard Blog

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